live the luxury at studio chef – erez stern experience the studio – a heven of tranquil elegance in the vibrant city of tel aviv.
desirably located, it possesses a perfect view to the historical shadow of the Hebrew nation. the studio is certain to amaze with its remarkable Judean mountains as well as other urban cities that surround Tel Aviv. abounding with vintage glamour and old world grandeur, studio chef – erez stern in Tel Aviv sits only skip away from various sites and buildings taking part in the UNESCO white city of Tel Aviv – the modern movement, as well as other most important museums, numerous luxurious boutiques, as well as several of the most significant sights, including the new wing of tel aviv museum by Preston Scott Cohen, the re-decorated concert hall of the israeli philharmonic orchestra, the declaration of independence building (at Rothschild boulevard), Jaffa port, the opera house and many others.

studio chef – erez stern provides the ultimate luxury yet non pretence private food experience designed to feel more an opulent escape than a temporary gateway.
sophisticated luxury and high standard of service are our core values. discover how the attention to details compliment your foodservice experience, creating a perfect balance practicality and comfort. furthermore, studio chef - erez stern indulges guests with a superior quality of service, where privacy is paramount. The key to relaxing at studio chef - erez stern, is feeling at home, it is a wonderful respite from the country's business hub, and a space in which old and new effortlessly melt.
using extravagant materials, the studio features a rich combination of classical design and luxurious textiles, offering quiet comfort in an eclectic mix of warm colors rich upholstery and above all, comfort.
so next time you want a luxurious event call studio - erez stern at 972-50-5852785. we will arrange all the rest