use studio chef-erez stern, with either our chef of the house or bring your own private chef that will treat your guests as selected and exclusive as needed. It's the greatest combination for every promotion event.
Studio chef-erez stern combines products, materials and equipment in different trainings and hands-on courses that help your employees understand what team work really is.
for the organizations, businesses and conglomerates in the food market, studio chef erez-stern suits for the following reasons:
• chef consultant and advises for both food producers, and hotel industry as well as heavy kitchen suppliers.
• collaboration in building food demonstration as well as for stands at fairs and food industry exhibitions.
• supply with arsenal of models, stewards, professional line cooks and top chefs for demonstrations of any kind.
• participation at press conferences as active presentors and demonstrator.
• execution and high performance for POS businesses and PR companies.
• studio chef-erez stern specializes in writing menus and recipes for various companies in the food industry.
• Collaborating with various private chefs at product launches, both foods and non food
• participating as "the chef of the house" in television and radio shows.
• looking for new and imaginative ideas that work? Call studio chef-erez stern for further information

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