Though significant to the catholic Christian world new year's eve (December 31th) which is also known as Silvester eve is celebrated around the globe including Israel. The celebration was enrooted within the secular, non-religious public ever since the date became a mark for ending one year and starting a new one by the Gregorian calendar (also called the Western calendar and the Christian calendar), is internationally the most widely used civil calendar. A calendar which involve all culture life, economy aspects and commerce as well. In Christian mythology, Silvester the I was the 34th Pop. He become holy and was declared saint after his sentenced to death, since he didn’t want to stop marring couples during some wars declared by the Ceasar of Rome who needed soldiers for the battlefield and prohibited any marriage for the sake of defecting from the army troops. His day of death was declared as saint day within the Catholic Church.

at studio chef erez stern we propose a silvester menu proposal that changes anually, but here is a sample




Silvester dinner menu

December 31st



Hot pounch while gathering

small amouse bouches




Clear chicken consomé with chicken dumplings


Sweet potatoes Bellini, crème fraiche, Crystel shrimps ant two Caviars


Potatoes gnocchi with green vegetables amd cream

Entrées are accompanied with Cava




Ravioli filled with goose confit, red wine sauce and glazed root vegetables


Beef fillet medallion Wellington style, beef gravy

Main courses are accompanied with reserve Merlot or Cabarnet Sauvignon by Recanati wineyards 2011





Belgian chocolate marquise, red berries soup,

seasonal fruits tart, citron Pavlova

Coffee / tea