at studio chef erez-stern, we cherish those who appriciate the degustatif world of the sea. therefor we prepared a well defined menu for those who love sea food and fishes. chef erez stern focuse and specializes and experty in dishes from the sea


apperitif and amouse-bouche at welcome


cold gaspaccio soup

pyramid made of feta cheese, roasted red bell pepers & thin crusty dough

hot fish-cake on a burgul salad rich in parsley & mint, beet root sauce

sardines tmpura style, served with piquant Wasabi Aioli

artichoke hearts & mini ravioli, in cauliflower dip

 fresh tuna ceviche in asian marinade, salad tayonad & crunchy eggplant leaves 


main courses
fillet of red mullet swimming in mini sea food & vegetables soup

fillet of sea bream on an orange caramelized endive

on a base of chard leaves lightly seasoned -
fillet of sea fish, covered with crunchy white bread crumbs
accompanied by capers & cornishon relish

pan fried fillet of Salmon, light fish stock,
oven baked mini potatoes with garlic, rosemary & olive oil

  steamed airy sausage of sea bass, on red smoked cabbage, white wine sauce  


c cinnamon desert concept
Cinnamon Cheesecake accompanied with Cinnamon Tuile
Cinnamon Crème-Brulé, Blueberry-Cinnamon yogurt, Crumble Apple tarte

a red berries desert concept
italian maringue coating berries spred, blue barries cheese cake
rasberries jelly, red berries crème brulée, cherry yogurt
chocolate fudge cake & black berries sauce


coffee / tea



this menu does not reflect but the culinary standard and capabilites of our chef