At studio chef – erez stern we organize different kinds of events. Among others you'll find receptions, known as cocktail parties. On both of them you will find many small rituals and ceremonies (usually during opening time) on which guests and our clientele get to know each other as well as having small talks with the organizers. We like to see in that opening time a great opportunity to show off your communication skills as well as loosen up excitement and pressure.

For your additional knowledge, we added a small video on reception ceremony made once a year by Queen Elisabeth of Great Britain, for special invited on her grounds in Buckingham Palace. It is an afternoon tea ceremony where groups of different organizations are hosted by HM in either of her palaces. Few are selected to have a small chat with her personally. Aside that video you can enjoy through a light and relaxing jazz music while gathering for a cocktail party.


Our cocktail parties consist of a light alcoholic beverage or even stronger one (if you insist) as well as small snacks and other small foods to indulge all your senses. As hosts, we always make sure that cocktail events must be with accordance to the event and to the invitees. There is this specification of the ceremony, to the amount of guests, their nature and character.
On official state cocktail parties you can hear march music like the Washington Post march (by John Philip Sousa), or such as the IDF march (by Yoav Talmy).


At studio chef erez stern you will find a perfect solution for your exquisite cocktail party. At our studio you'll note an unforgettable experience with colors and marvelous smells, textures and different dishes according to your preferences.
We promise different kinds of amuses bouche and finger food to pumper all your degustation senses.
We believe in true passionate love to our profession and to our guests, thus with a modern approach giving our customers the best cocktail parties in town with a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.
We provide with an appropriate welcoming with savory or sweet concept finger food. It can be small, appetizing with punctilious design characterized by our chef: erez stern. All our menus and different dishes provide you with the value added for any cocktail party, such as: boards of directors, seminars, business lunch, products launches and any other business or private occasion. As part of our services we provide menu R&D for your group or organization according to your specific needs for your event.
We promise and deliver maximum flexibility, paying attention to any small detail you mention as well as practicing the highest levels of creativity at any time during your event. Our team at studio chef – erez stern will do its best in professionalism. We will perform our expertise with great love and care to all our clientele. Make your reservations now.





Cocktail style menu

Aperitif of the house served alongside with small amuses bouche


Rice spring rolls filled with vegetables
Chicken liver pâté served on crostini and homemade figs jam
Milles feuilles of onion jam, tomatoes slices, Atlantic sea salt and thyme
Steamed bun with gravlax ginger cream cheese, lettuce and tomato slices
Thai Tom Sam salad served on spoons made with carrots, cranberries,
Chinese pecans, orange vinaigrette


Mini bite quiche with different fillings
Small cappuccino cups with crab bisque soup
Selection of dim sum with different fillings. Soy sauce and sweet chili sauce
Knafé made with layers of kadaif hair dough, goat cheese and chard leaves
Pumpkin risotto with mascarpone cream and


Chocolate mousse, cold melon and mint soup, malabi made with rosewater custard,
Apple strudel, cherries tarte